About One More Social (SOCIIAL)
We got tired of super mainstream social media and everything being so damn complicated. So we put together a mesh of functions shared across other platforms. It's a little bit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIN and some oldschool myspace feels.

What is OMS - One More Social?

It is whatever you say it is, because if it wasn't then why would you say it is? Not Twitter, not insta or FB or whatever else you're using, but just like it sounds One More Social network. We hope you don't take us too seriously. Seriously, don't. I am baked out of my mind right now. 

We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel or be super original, in fact we went the other way on this one. We picked features from IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIN, Reddit and yeah.... Myspace and said yeah people might use this stuff. Or not, what do I know. But we don't want to overly guide your experience. We just say, here's some stuff to click on... do it. 

I also thought OMS, sounded like when you're trying to zen the fuck out and do yoga with goats and stuff. Let me know what you like and hate by messaging the @admin.